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Books are just the beginning at Labyrinth. Our learning solutions incorporate innovative eLearning tools that expand opportunities for teachers and learners to connect and collaborate.

eLab LMS

eLab Course Management System (CMS)
eLab Course Management System (CMS) is an intuitive, affordable, web-based platform for automated, hands-on assessment, gradebook management, and training, offering the most realistic interface and simulations available. With eLab CMS, educators spend less time on course management and more time teaching -- and students are more engaged, get automated and instant feedback, and enjoy improved retention and outcomes.

eLab LMS

eLab Skills Evaluation Tool (SET)
eLab Skills Evaluation Tool (SET) is a flexible and cost-effective online tool to easily create assessments that accurately gauge knowledge of computer concepts, the internet, email, Microsoft Office applicatons, and more. Designed specifically for computer literacy, eLab SET provides a quick and easy way of confirming whether students possess the desired skills.

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Labyrinth Video Library
Videos provide an additional learning resource for introducing topics and reinforcement throughout the course. Seamlessly integrated with your textbook, many Labyrinth textbooks offer online videos for every major topic in every lesson.

Distance Learning

Integration with Learning Management Systems
Many Labyrinth solutions integrate seamlessly with leading LMS platforms such as BlackBoard, Moodle, D2L and more. Educators can instantly install test banks for automatic grading, and students can access course-specific presentations, videos, and many other Labyrinth resources using familiar tools.

Custom Learning Management System
Customized learning management systems provide complete flexibility. Available for individual courses, departments or campus-wide implementations.

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