Accessing Your QuickBooks Online Trial

If your instructor is providing you with the trial software, you will get a link to access it so skip Part 1. When you have the link, go to Part 2. (High school & middle school students: Your teacher will give you the link.)

Note! Labyrinth does not provide support for QuickBooks software.

If you're obtaining the trial software yourself (your school does not provide it), you will do so via SheerID. Most students are instantly verified. If not, or if your school is added as a custom school, you will go through a second-level verification process that can take about 20 minutes.

Part 1: Get Your License Number from Intuit

  1. Go to
  2. Use this link. Don't go to the Intuit Education main page!

  3. Fill in the form entirely, entering your own information, then click Verify and Continue.
  4. You'll either be instantly verified or asked to provide additional documentation.

  5. Follow the step for your situation:
  6. Didn't get an email? Check your spam folder for an email from [email protected].

    Second-Level Verification

  7. Download or scan one of the required forms of verification to your computer.
  8. Acceptable documentation includes a class schedule, transcript, tuition receipt, or any official document that shows your full name, school name, and a date within the last three months.

    NOTE! The documentation must be clear (not fuzzy) and show your full name, as used in step 1. Black out or otherwise disguise any confidential information!
  9. Click Choose File, navigate to and select the file, and click Open.
  10. Click Submit for Review.

  11. When your submission meets the requirements, you'll be taken to the next screen to set up your account. (If you have issues, contact SheerID.)

  12. Click the "Click this link to sign up" (or similar) link.
  13. Successful upload

Part 2: Set Up Your Account

  1. Follow the step for your situation:
  2. Fill in the form completely, using your school email address, your full name, and a phone number that can receive text messages. Click Create Account.

    When you click in the Password field, a list of password requirements will pop up.
    Write down your password!

  3. Name your company file: Puppy Luv Pampered Pooch - [Your Name]

    Use your full name so your instructor can identify your company file. Click Next to progress through these screens.

    What's your business name?

    The QBO user interface is updated frequently. Some of the names and features indicated here may be different on the screen you see now. Follow the prompts.

  4. Click Bookkeeper or Accountant to choose that as your role.

    What's your role at Puppy Luv Pampered Pooch - (Student Name)?

  5. Click I fly solo to indicate that you currently have no one assisting you with your business.

    Who helps you run your business?

  6. Click Skip for now at bottom right of the screen about linking accounts.
  7. Choose Sole Proprietor as the type of business.

    What kind of business is this?

  8. Choose I provide services to tell QuickBooks how to set up the accounting categories for your company.

    How does your business make money?

  9. Indicate which industry your company is associated with: Pet care (except veterinary) services
  10. In the next window, choose only Invoice customers, Enter and pay bills, and Track receipts and bills.

    What is everything you want set up?

  11. Congratulations! You're all set to work in your company file. Continue with your course content.

    *To access QuickBooks Online later, go to (or download the app to your computer or mobile device).*

Labyrinth does not provide technical support for QuickBooks software. You can reach Intuit Education live chat support (M-F 6am-6pm PST).

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