Due to a major QuickBooks Online update, updated versions of Chapter 2 and Chapter 13 are now available. Academic Year 2021-2022 edition print users: Do not use Chapter 2 or Chapter 13 in your print book. Instead, access the updated chapters and more at:

You can access the updates for individual chapters or the entire book in one file (recommended). To access all updates, click the Download button for the "all chapters" options on the top row. If you are an ebook user, your content has been updated.

Accessing Your QuickBooks Online Trial

Your instructor will provide you with the trial software via a link that is emailed to you. The email may come from Intuit Education. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't get it.

The QBO interface is updated frequently. Names and features or the order of steps may have changed. Follow the prompts.

Labyrinth Learning does not provide support for QuickBooks software. For assistance with installation, registration, or other issues, email [email protected] or contact Intuit Education live chat support (M-F 6am-6pm PST).
  • In the email, click the link to accept the invitation.
  • Fill in the form completely, using your school email address, your full name, and a phone number that can receive text messages, and then click Create Account. Click Next.

    When you click in the Password field, a list of password requirements will pop up. Write down your password!

  • Name your company file: Puppy Luv Pampered Pooch - [Your Name]

    Use your full name so your instructor can identify your company file. Click Next to progress through these screens.

    What's your business name?

  • Indicate which industry your company is associated with: Pet care (except veterinary) services
  • Choose Sole Proprietor as the type of business.
  • Choose Provide services to tell QuickBooks how to set up the accounting categories for your company.
  • Click Bookkeeper or Accountant to choose that as your role.

    What's your role at Puppy Luv Pampered Pooch - (Student Name)?

  • Click Only the owner to indicate that you currently have no one assisting you with your business.
  • Click Skip for now at the bottom of the screen about apps.

    Skip for now

  • Click Skip for now at the bottom of the screen about linking accounts.
  • Click Skip for now at the bottom of the screen about what to set up.
  • Click Let's go.

    Congratulations! You're all set to work in your company file.

    To access QuickBooks Online later, go to or download the app to your computer or mobile device.

  • Update Report

    QuickBooks Online is cloud-based software, which means it changes all the time. To support your study, be sure to refer to the Update Report.

    Bookmark this page:

    The Update Report outlines critical edits to your learning solution based on software updates and more. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend you access the Update Report at the start of every chapter.

    The ebook is updated as necessary. If you use the ebook, you don't need the Update Report.

    Labyrinth Learning does not provide support for QuickBooks software. You can reach Intuit Education live chat support (M-F 6am-6pm PST).

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